Things that are recycled at the landfill include: Wood, shingles, metal, concrete, asphalt, batteries, propane tanks, tires, logs, stumps, brush, drywall, and asphalt roofing shingles. We must be notified of these items and they must be placed at the back door.

Asphalt or Concrete – Pieces smaller than one meter with minimal rebar no longer than 4” sticking out.

Gypsum/Drywall – New drywall cut offs only.
Note* Not allowed in new drywall pile: Drywall from demolition jobs contaminated with paint, tile, lathe, or masonry. This drywall material is not recyclable, and the landfill will charge a separate fee. Please let us know when calling in for pickup so we can deal with the load properly and make every effort to reduce this disposal cost when we are at the landfill.

Wood Waste – ALL WOOD ONLY. Construction materials new or old. No trees or branches. Nails and screws are okay.

Yard Waste – Green waste such as grass trimmings, leaves, tree pruning less than 5 cm in circumference, flowers, hedge clippings etc. sod is not acceptable.

Stumps – Trees or large shrubs cut at ground level and all soil removed. Soil is heavy and will add to your disposal costs. Cut off the root system if needed and separate from the load.

Tires – Recycle at any tire store for free or put on top of load for recycling (landfill charges for tires).

Mattresses/ Box-spring – Put on top of load for recycling.

Asphalt Shingles, plastic packaging must be bagged, metal trim and vents must be all put in a bin on top of shingle load close to gate. Landfill will charge extra for mixed garbage in with shingles. It’s not cheap.