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Materials Banned from Burial

There are certain materials that are banned from being buried at the Glenmore landfill, either because there are alternative disposal programs in place for them, or because they are hazardous to workers and the public. Banned items mixed in with other garbage sent for burial at the landfill are subject to a $150 per metric tonne surcharge over and above regular tipping fees. The following is the current list of materials that are subject to the Mandatory Recycling Surcharge should they be found mixed with waste loads headed for burial at the Glenmore Landfill:

  • Scrap Metal (NEW Jan 1, 2021 accepted at Glenmore Landfill but must be source separated)

  • Large Appliances (accepted at Glenmore Landfill but must be source separated from other waste)

  • Cardboard, Paper Products, Other Recyclables (magazines, office paper, newspaper/flyers, plastic containers, tin) visit for recycling options

  • Yard Waste (accepted on site but must be source separated)

  • Asphalt and Concrete (accepted on site but must be source separated)

  • Asphalt Shingles (accepted on site but must be source separated)

  • Drywall (accepted on site but must be source separated)

  • Beverage Containers

  • Hazardous Waste (paint, pesticides, oil & oil filters, pharmaceuticals, thermostats, flammable liquids, antifreeze and solvents) – Disposal Options

  • Tires (accepted on site but must be source separated)

  • Batteries

  • Cell Phones

  • Electronic (computers, TVs, stereos, printers)

  • Small Appliances and Power Tools (counter top appliances, saws, drills etc.)

  • Outdoor power equipment (mowers, power washer etc.)

  • Lighting products (bulbs, ballasts, fixtures,

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