At “All in” we believe our customers deserve honest and straight forward pricing without any hidden fees; certain circumstances will require an extra fee; (e.g. mileage, tipping fee, etc. we will inform you at the time of ordering)

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Sometimes you just need a smaller bin for bathroom renovations, cleaning up some garbage around the house or yard work.

This bin is a 3-day use so gather up your garbage, so you are ready to load when your bin arrives. We will pick it up on the 4th day to empty the contents. Our economy bin is very popular and as soon as we get it back, this bin is on its way to another customer. Please let us know if the bin is needed after the allotted days, extra pro-rated fees will apply.

Note * If you filled the bin early and would like your parking spot back, give us a call and our driver will be there that day or the next day.

The chart you see here is for the 10-yard bin and is a very good average price for disposal fees for this size of bin. To help you understand the chart, let’s use Vernon’s garbage rate of $100.00 per tonne in the example.

Average Example for a 10-yard bin at Vernon Regular Refuse Rate of $100 per metric tonne:

Disposal Fee – Garbage 1.9 metric tonnes x $100 = $190.00
10 yard – 3-day bin booking = $175.00
Total = $365.00 (+)plus tax

So, this gives you a good average price of what to expect if you fill a 10-yard bin at the rate of $100/MT.

A deposit is required prior to bin delivery.

We will adjust your invoice and request final payment or issue a refund, after we know what your disposal fees are. This is finalized the following day of pickup.