At “All in” we believe our customers deserve honest and straight forward pricing without any hidden fees; certain circumstances will require an extra fee; (e.g. mileage, tipping fee, etc. we will inform you at the time of ordering)

Vernon Landfill Pricing
Kelowna Landfill Pricing
Calgary Landfill Pricing

Our rock bins are built to haul; dirt, soil, rock, concrete, asphalt, etc.. We also provide a hauling service for customers who purchase garden materials from a local supplier and need a source of delivery (we do not load materials on to the truck but we deliver).

Asphalt or concrete pieces must be smaller than one meter with minimal rebar no longer than 4” sticking out.

Materials can not go past the top of the bin.

If you have a deadline and/or a crew and require quick swap-outs, we have more trucks and multiple bins to help you get your job done ASAP. Call for same day multi-bin pricing.

This bin is a 3-day booking so gather up your material, so you are ready to load when your bin arrives. We will pick it up on the 4th day to empty the contents. Please let us know if the bin is needed after the allotted rental days, extra pro-rated fees will apply.

Note * If you filled the bin early and would like your parking spot back, give us a call and our driver will be there that day or the next day.

The disposal fees are variable with the materials and area, we are unable to provide an average example. Please contact us for approximate disposal fees.