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Fence systems for a range of applications

From large outdoor events to small set-ups, we have the products and expertise to meet your needs. Our fencing systems are suitable for all interior and exterior settings and ground types.



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Our Fence Options

We carry a large selection fencing options. We are ready to meet the needs of any size and type of site or event.

Standard Rental Fence Panels2022-03-22T22:48:32+00:00

Temporary fence panels that are professionally engineered for strength and durability to provide the highest degree of security in the rental fence industry.

Locking Cap System2022-03-22T23:00:05+00:00

For those sites that require additional security, we suggest this locking cap system for greater control of access points and improved breach prevention. Requiring a unique socket key to unlock the cap, our locking cap system prevents trades, subcontractors and members of the public from taking apart the fence line.

Privacy Screen2022-03-22T23:08:15+00:00

Ideal for construction sites, special events or any area where limiting visual access or containing dust and debris is required.

Debris Netting2022-03-22T23:09:35+00:00

We offer an affordable, lightweight and durable polyethylene debris netting to help contain dust and debris on active construction sites. Our debris netting is versatile, as it can be hung horizontally or vertically and may be cut to length without running.

Branded Screen2022-03-22T23:10:29+00:00

Our printed screening is ideal for construction and event customers who are looking to increase their brand exposure or offer sponsorship opportunities.

Gate Assemblies2022-03-22T23:11:19+00:00

Creating easy-to-use access points within a fence line reduces perimeter breaches that can happen when trades and exhibitors remove fence panels to gain their own site access.

Personnel Gates2022-03-22T23:12:48+00:00

Create visible, easy-to-use entry and exit points for personnel within our Modu-Loc Fence System.

Vehicle Access Gates2022-03-22T23:14:01+00:00

Create visible, easy-to-use entry and exit points for vehicles with wheeled bases and hinged gates.

Safety Ramps2022-03-22T23:14:52+00:00

These high-visibility safety ramps slide onto fence bases to provide a smooth transition for wheeled equipment and to help reduce pedestrian tripping hazards.

Security Clamps2022-03-22T23:16:49+00:00

Our security clamps cannot be removed without proper tools and access to the back of the locking mechanism from inside the fence line.

Security Rails2022-03-22T23:17:59+00:00

Our security rails provide a strong visual and physical deterrent while maintaining the visual appeal of the fence.

Barbed Wire Site Security System2022-03-22T23:19:02+00:00

A barbed wire system that can be installed on top of our temporary fence. Fabricated with braided steel wire constructed with sharp edges. Used to fortify our temporary fence, the barbed wire system adds height, making the fence more difficult to climb and acts as a visual deterrent.

High-Security System2022-03-22T23:19:58+00:00

Our high-security options combine security clamps and security rails with stability accessories to provide optimal protection for high-profile events.

Tree Protection Systems2022-03-22T23:21:38+00:00

Using surface-mount bases to reduce the risk of root damage, our fences are your preferred solution for protecting valuable trees in your municipality.

Propane Storage Systems2022-03-22T23:20:49+00:00

We provide a cost-effective, complete storage solution for propane cylinders, including setup and takedown.

Black VIP Fence2022-03-22T22:39:56+00:00

Premium black fence panels link together to create a fence system that effectively manages the access and flow of attendees and customers. This is an ideal solution for delineation of queues and managing shopper flow at retail entrances and exits.

Silver Crowd Barrier2022-03-22T22:41:35+00:00

Galvanized steel crowd control barricades are ideal for clients requiring an attractive and effective option for managing pedestrian traffic. The bases are attached to the panels making this option fast and easy to set up and relocate the barricade as required. Ideal for delineating queues, managing shopper flow and retail crowd control.

Stage Barricade2022-03-22T22:42:56+00:00

An attractive and effective barrier for containing large crowds at the outskirts of a stage or any other area where access must be restricted.

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